Triulzi Glasstec stand

Stand design of the Triulzi special equipments company at Glasstec Düsseldorf

Design e stand of the company Triulzi special equipments occupies 280 square meters divided into two general areas:
Exhibition space, dedicated to vertical and horizontal washing machines for glass.
Management space, delimited by a structure that houses the lounge area, private meeting room, receptions, kitchens.

Stand designed on the occasion of Glasstec held at Messe Düsseldorf which brings together the best of the world glass industry.
The biennial appointment with the specialized international exhibition of machines, equipment and systems for processing flat and hollow glass, glass and processed products.
In one of the most competitive Italian and European exhibition centers, exhibitors, visitors, operators and buyers from all over the world are called to share four days entirely dedicated to this extraordinary material and its infinite applications, including thematic itineraries, meetings, events and exclusive services .

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