lampada da comodino con base in legno design alessandro marelli
lampada da comodino con base in legno design alessandro marelli
lampada da comodino con base in legno design alessandro marelli


Table lamps made with iron clamps.

Table lamps made with iron clamps. Stringimi is a rectified ready-made. A tribute to the “vice” as the main object of the connection used in many processes. It is a metaphor of the help given to the union. Work tool, with innate formal qualities, decontextualized to a domestic object.

The self-produced design condenses in itself at least three realities:
the designer
the craftsman
the distributor (and promoter)

The result is the physical realization by the designer (purely in first person, but also with the help of craftsmen) of a product with low technical complexity, using recycled components, standard or low cost, assembled with limited transformations.

These choices are almost forced by two factors:
The amount of items produced (low)
The distribution capacity (minimum)

The production costs, in our case, are mainly given by the cost of labor, materials and the quantity of the series. If these were too high (excluding the quantity of the series), they would negatively affect the possibilities of sale to the public, since a designer who self-produces generally does not have a strong brand, therefore he does not have the necessary strength to establish himself on the market. Another element to consider is the distribution; theoretically it would become manageable through the web where there is a high and widespread visibility potential which however very often translates into a drop in the ocean of the network.
Despite this approach, which may seem negative, I believe that self-production, if understood in this way, is a formidable training ground to be able to sincerely develop one’s own design poetics, giving the possibility to physically enter the world of production (even if not industrial) in order to to face the project in the broadest sense of the term with more awareness.

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