lampada da scrivania in metallo design alessaandro marelli
lampada da scrivania in metallo design alessaandro marelli


Metal desk lamp.

Metal desk lamp, Curva is part of a lamp system obtained by connecting the water pipes with standard joints.
It is possible to obtain different types, from table lamps to directional floor lamps, by assembling in different ways the 45-degree joints and the linear sections of the galvanized pipes.
Particular pipes that are used in those cases in which it is desired to avoid oxidation of the material which would lead to pollution of the transported fluid. The pipes in question are placed in special zinc baths and the excess material is eliminated with a subsequent processing. The pipes are made of galvanized iron with a diameter of 3/4 inch.

The production process of these tubes essentially consists in the helix forming by calendering of a continuous strip obtained during the process itself by butt-welding the sheets or strips (coils) and in the subsequent internal and external welding of the edges of the helix.
It is possible to create different types of lamps, floor, table, even adjustable using the thread of the tubes mounted on the joints. Thanks to these 45 degree elbows the conformations are almost infinite.

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